MOPiC Event: VR Museum Launch!

St Wilfrid’s played host to the finale of a 2-year long Erasmus project, which saw the launch of (possibly the world’s very first) VR museum made by students!

As part of the Erasmus project, exchange trips to Åland, Catalonia and Lithuania have taken place over the last two years, with a handful of different students representing St Wilfrid’s at each location. While on the trip, the students would learn new skills that they would bring back to the Academy and teach to the rest of the wider Erasmus project team.

Technology was the basis for this project, and along with facets of Art, Music and History, the idea was to bring pictures to life and create an online digital museum to showcase the work. Throughout the course of this project, VR was introduced and very soon the idea of a VR museum ‘without walls’ was birthed.

Listen to some of the staff and students share about their experience:

As the project came to a close, England was the last location and St Wilfrid’s was the ideal launching venue for the finale: a potentially ‘world’s first’ VR museum, made by students, for students.

Students from each nation were able to display some of the work done in their country and share about their experiences with guests.

With special thanks to Class VR and Firefly for sponsoring the evening, it was great to see so many parents and students from across Europe take part in the celebrations and experience the live museum for the very first time.