Nine Lessons and Carols Service 2016

St Wilfrid's C of E Academy - Nine Lessons and Carols 2015

There was no greater way to usher in the Christmas season than St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy’s Nine Lessons and Carols service, held at Blackburn Cathedral.

It was a truly memorable night that fit right in with the 50th Anniversary celebrations!


Mr Keeling and the Academy Choir led the evening beautifully, with current and former staff and students reading out the Nine Lessons. Former Choir Director Howard Seymour has spent the last few months assembling members of his former Senior Choir and it was such a joy to see them perform together once again!


A huge thank you also goes out to the two primary schools that joined us for the evening; The Redeemer CEP and St Paul’s. We hope you all enjoyed the evening and would love to see any photos or videos you managed to grab – tag us @SaintWilfrids on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!