Thankful for the Ability to Give


Posted on: 3rd December 2018

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
Proverbs 11:25

What are you like at receiving a gift? What is Christmas like in your home when it comes to exchanging presents? I love watching my children open their presents. I have to be honest, I have little knowledge of what the gift is before it is opened, but we have an amazing elf that seems to turn up every year and satisfy the children with exactly what they want. But there is an awkwardness I feel when a present under the tree is addressed to me and I haven’t given that person something. I feel guilt and become anxious about meeting that person the next time. Is that just me?

King Solomon was known for being the wealthiest king ever. He was blessed with great wisdom and wealth by God, so surely it was easy for him to be generous. How easy it must be to give to others when all your needs have been met.

Contrast this to the widow in Luke chapter 21. Being a widow meant that she had no known source of provision. She would have to rely on the generosity of others for care and support. But she was noted by Jesus for being generous as she gave all that she had. How generous.

I once heard of a story of a man who had two bottles of water. As he walked down the street he saw a homeless man who looked thirsty. The man with the water prayed, “God what should I do?” Some might say that it is obvious – give a bottle of water away. The man believed it was right for him to walk along with both bottles in his hand. Later, the homeless man met up with the man and thanked him for not offering him the water. Puzzled by this, he asked why. The man replied, “Behind you came a young lady who only had one bottle. She gave it to me and helped me get my life back on track”.

This week I pray that you will be generous and refreshed. But I also pray that you have the courage to be obedient to the needs that God is leading you to meet.