Full Governing Body:

The board of trustees has formally met 4 times during the year. Attendance during the year at meetings of the board of trustees was as follows:

P = present
AA = apologies accepted
ANA = apologies not accepted
AWA = absent without apologies
N/A = not in post

Committee Information


Business & Resource Committee

The Business and Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the main Governing Body. Its’ purpose is to consider and recommend the Academy’s budget, contribute to the development plan, monitor and review expenditure, financial procedures and service level agreements as well as any issues relating to the building and environment of the Academy.


Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is also a sub-committee of the main board of trustees. Its’ purpose is to advise on, and investigate any activity within its terms of reference, and to seek any information it requires from staff. Maintain and oversee the Academy’s risk register, review the body’s internal and external financial statements and reports to ensure that they reflect best practice.


Standards & Welfare Committee

The main function of the committee is to advise the Principal and Governing Body on matters concerning the Academy’s standards, effectiveness and welfare of students.


Pay & Performance Review Committee

To implement the Academy’s pay policy including the pay for individual members of staff as required by the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document. Consider and determine action on the recommendations of the Committee of appointed Governors in respect of the Principal’s performance management.


Admissions Committee

All matters to do with admissions, it is a requirement that the Governing Body must approve the policy.


Student Discipline Committee


Staff Attendance / Grievance / Discipline & Dismissal (SA/G/D&D) Committee


Meeting Attendance