Career Support

Searching for Careers

Students are encouraged to explore careers opportunities.
Registration is required – students will receive a code for this in Year 8. If for any reason they have been unable to do this, please contact
Students could take the buzz quiz to get ideas of the kind of career to which they might be suited.
Similarly, students could try the Barclays Wheel of Strength.
Information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work

Speaking to a Careers Advisor

All students will have a one-to-one meeting with an independent careers advisor during Year 11. If you have a query regarding your child’s appointment, please contact

If you would like to speak to a careers advisor prior to this, you can get independent advice from an advisor at

Local Labour Market Information

Choosing a career may be influenced by your understanding of local opportunities. The link below gives you an up-to-date picture of what the local labour market looks like.

Preparing for employment

Students need to gain experience in different settings to ensure they are prepared for the working world. One way students can achieve this is through voluntary work. Whether this develops commitment, resilience or people skills, there is always a benefit to be gained, regardless of the industry you are looking to work in. The following links might provide a range of voluntary opportunities for students to gain experience whilst giving something back to the community;