House System

St Wilfrid's House System
St Wilfrid's House System - Exeter
St Wilfrid's House System - Lincoln
St Wilfrid's House System - Oxford
St Wilfrid's House System - Ripon
St Wilfrid's House System - Truro

The House System is often described by students as ‘the best thing about St Wilfrid’s’.

When a student (or staff member!) joins the Academy, they are placed into one of five houses: Exeter, Lincoln, Oxford, Ripon or Truro. Throughout the academic year, the houses compete in a variety of activities and sporting events.

Big events such as the Swimming Gala, House Pantomimes and Sports Day, are spaced out well with smaller week-to week-events for all years, including Pictionary, Curling, Bench Ball, Taboo, Outburst and Hula-Hooping to name just a few!

At the end of the year, the House with the most points from all activities is crowned champion!

This dose of healthy competition brings a great balance to the academic side of school life. We see great bonds of friendship created not only amongst the students in different year groups, but also between staff members.

House Champions 2018/19 – EXETER!

Latest Scores (as of Jan 2020)